TOP Arena


Version: 0.1.180313.1

What is it?

DNVR TOP Arena is an model of the arena for the Tournament of Power in the Universe Survival Saga of Dragon Ball Super. It is constructed entirely in HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

I have been a fan of Dragon Ball basically forever and seeing as Dragon Ball Super is soon coming to its close, I wanted to build something as a tribute to this fantastic series.

How do I use it?

Right this moment, you can only manoeuvre the TOP Arena to view it drom different points in space.

It’s really pretty intuitive. Just swipe on the screen and see where it takes you.

It’s really pretty intuitive. Just use your mouse to drag different parts of the TOP Arena into view.

How does it work?

DNVR TOP Arena makes use of the web’s de facto languages HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It works in every browser capable of handling the standards, mainly HTML5 custom elements, CSS3 and JavaScript 1.85.

The point of this demonstration is to show how complex structures can be built using HTML elements and styled using CSS. Plus, not to it make too fine a point, but it also shows my ability to handle such a demonstration.

Unfortunately this means, it cannot run on any version of Internet Explorer. Compel your dinosaur friends to upgrade to embrace the awesomeness.